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28 . 01 . 22 - 30 . 04 . 22


Art is always present in everyone's life, whether created by human passion or by the forces of nature. All of which are essential for the audience's mind or even to nourish the life of the artists. The perception of consuming art will vary according to individual tastes, perceptions, feelings, emotions, and knowledge. Art will reflect the essence of life, whether it is edifying, uplifting, or simply inspiring thoughts with everyday surroundings, and art has completed its work perfectly.

XSPACE ART HALL: Several carefully selected paintings are rotated and hung in the contemporary art gallery in XSPACE's main hall, which aims to reflect the diversity of art and the ability of artists to work without ideological constraints, thereby making it concrete and tangible. Hundreds of artworks that have been exhibited or have never been exhibited before are displayed in different mixed arrangements varying with the content, technique, and creative process of artists amidst the changing atmosphere in each part of the exhibition room just to connect the audience’s feelings with what's in front of you. So, you can feel the art that conveys the power of dreams - emotional, imaginative, and indicative of who you are - in a calming space and immerse yourself intimately. The end of the artistic performance at the Staircase Zone enables everyone to appreciate the artwork displayed along the stair railing, where the story is flown in a smooth, perfectly suited order and is endlessly searchable.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Aimi Kaiya / Amnaj Wachirasut / Chayanich Muangthai / Gumsak Atipiboonsin / Jehabdulloh Jehsorhoh / Jirapatt Aungsumalee / Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy / May-T Noijinda / Myrtille Tibayrenc / Naphat Sintrirat / Noppanan Thannaree / Pachara Piyasongsoot / Praiya Ketkool / Sahassawas Saenprach / Somneuk Huangthanapan / Sudaporn Teja / Supachai Ketkaroonkul / Surapong Sudasna Na Ayuthya / Suttikiet Pumpoung / Trinnapat Chaisitthisak / Wansavang Yensabaidee / Wasanti Petchkul / Wittawat Tongkeaw / Yuth Suripong

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