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Freedom, Isn't it good? Solo Exhibition by Aimi Kaiya

26 . 01 . 22 - 31 . 01 . 22

Freedom, Isn't it good? Solo Exhibition by Aimi Kaiya

By Aimi Kaiya the Artist
@ 4th floor 4 Palette Artspace, Bangkok


The first solo exhibition by Aimi Kaiya

I questioned myself before this exhibition.
“What makes a piece of art good?”
“What if I have the freedom to create any piece of art, how would I feel?”
“And what about the audience how would they feel?”
So I say to myself “let’s go and have the taste of freedom!”
This exhibition illustrates problems in education and family through paintings. I made these artworks without applying any special techniques. I draw and paint as a child does, be free-minded, naive, and creative. These artworks are provoking thoughts, evoke reality, and imply a few dark humors. I would like people to realize that family and school are essential for child development. Children are our future, they are the driving force of our future.
For I believe that “Kids are building blocks for our peaceful and harmonious world”
Have you experienced freedom today?

Location: Palette Artspace 4th floor (Thong Lo BTS Station Exit 3)
Time: 11.00 – 20.00
Fee: It's free!
Period: Until 31 January 2022

#paletteartspace #freedom
#aimikaiya #contemporaryartist

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